Baikal Vodka ארץ יצור: רוסיה | אחוז אלכוהול: 40%

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תיאור מוצר

The most important component of good Vodka is its purity. This is why Baikal Vodka goes even further – or to put it in other words deeper. The Baikal Vodka products are produced with the crystal clear deep water of Lake Baikal, which is the oldest and deepest freshwater lake on earth. Since the water is extracted from 500m depth its oxygen level is exceptional high and mineral content very low. This composition and the triple distillation give the Baikal Vodka products its extreme smoothness and enjoyableness.

Lake Baikal is located right in the heart of Siberia. Not only is it the oldest and deepest freshwater lake on earth but also the clearest. Therefore it is no surprise, that this unique water makes every drop of Baikal Vodka a special experience.